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Jim offers thoughtful teaching and guidance for those seeking to travel the contemplative path in this monastery without walls. Concise insights and mini-courses are posted here from time to time. Scroll down to see previous posts and sign up to be notified when new videos are available to watch.


What does the story of Jesus’ birth teach us about how God is present in our lives?
"God is unexplainably born in our hearts moment by moment, breath by breath. In order to discover that, we must leave the noise and business of the inn, finding our way in the dark back to the stable. We have to enter into the humility, simplicity, patience, and delicate nature of what’s unfolding in ... Read More


How can we look at the United States’ 2016 presidential election in a spiritual way?
"What’s causing suffering in this election has nothing to do with being Republican or Democrat, with being conservative or liberal. It has to do with the fact that the political order should bear witness to the universal dignity of every person. As soon as we find a political stance that speaks in a ... Read More


As men and women of faith and good will, how can we understand and relate to the prevalence of sexual abuse and the current “me too” movement?
"Our sexuality is a God-given, integral aspect of our human experience and deserves to be respected as a gift. At the very minimum, this means that our sexual boundaries be respected, namely, that no one be sexual with us unless we want them ... Read More


How can we maintain a contemplative stance as we respond to suffering?
"Trauma is the feeling of being powerless to establish a boundary between ourselves and that which is about to or already is inflicting serious harm or even death. In our empathy with each other, we can be traumatized in experiencing other people being traumatized. How do we turn to our faith to help us to stay ... Read More