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In this monastery without walls, James Finley offers heart-to-heart conversation—a listening ear and honest sharing, drawn from his own life experience and the mystics. On the contemplative path it is helpful to have a guide, someone further along who can show you that what you seek is real.  

Do you have questions about your spiritual experience, something Jim has said or written, or a particular mystic? Submit a question using this form. Jim will respond to as many questions as he is able via video blog from time to time. Even if he is not able to answer all questions directly in this format, he reads each question and incorporates responses into his ongoing teaching and design for this site. Sign up to be notified by email when a new video is posted.  

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“Trauma is the feeling of being powerless to establish a boundary between ourselves and that which is about to or already is inflicting serious harm or even death. In our empathy with each other, we can be traumatized in experiencing other people being traumatized. How do we turn to our faith to help us to stay grounded and present and be a healing presence in the midst of all of this?”

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“Our sexuality is a God-given, integral aspect of our human experience and deserves to be respected as a gift. At the very minimum, this means that our sexual boundaries be respected, namely, that no one be sexual with us unless we want them to, that is through free consent between two adults as a free act of intimacy. I want to talk about when two people are in a relationship and one has more power than the other, and the one who is more powerful sexualizes the relationship and exploits it to their own gratification at the price of the other.”

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“What’s causing suffering in this election has nothing to do with being Republican or Democrat, with being conservative or liberal. It has to do with the fact that the political order should bear witness to the universal dignity of every person. As soon as we find a political stance that speaks in a disparaging, disrespectful, hurtful, or insensitive way toward people . . . this should concern us.”

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“God is unexplainably born in our hearts moment by moment, breath by breath. In order to discover that, we must leave the noise and business of the inn, finding our way in the dark back to the stable. We have to enter into the humility, simplicity, patience, and delicate nature of what’s unfolding in our hearts to discover how God is being born in our lives. We are asked to bring this delicate simplicity out into the world.”

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